True Nature


The puppy on the heels of the child
The flower up turned to the sun
The thunderous run of every river to the sea
The closing of your eyes to go within…

All of nature works with but one rule
To defy not its true course and character.
When nature remains unbroken
Beauty prevails and
Peace is resounding.

When we want to feel love
There needs to be no instruction for where to turn,
When we need to go home
There needs to be no signpost.

Are you true to your nature?
True to your one rule?
Do you know what it is?

It is to be in your joy
Surround yourself with those that fuel this,
It is to turn to warmth and love
And away from fire and anguish,
It is to feel love in and around you
It is to recognize your home within….

In a time when complexity is revered
Such simplicity is dismissed.
Oh how far have we strayed from our true nature?

If the guise of each label
The weight of each role,
If the barrier from each layer
Is all acknowledged as it is,
Temporary and void of ownership
Then yes, return we may
Back to our true nature
One of joy, love and peace….

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