Love into the Mirror


See the big deep eyes
Staring back at you?
The centered nose
Trying not to sniffle?
The pouty lips
Wanting not to give it all away?

Ever said,
“Cry its OK”
To that face in the mirror?

Standing apart from the form of myself
Separating from the pain
Allowing the play to unfold
I watch,
I acknowledge,
I comfort



By saying
To the face in the mirror

“I love you”

From deep within
Comes a Knowing
I am not my pain,
I am not my circumstances,
I am not the labels.

So I say, to the one
That no one else sees
And the one that looks right back into me,
I do
I do
I do love you!

10 thoughts on “Love into the Mirror

  1. From my readers outside of word-press… thanks to all of you🙏

    …”this piece needs to be taught in Kindergarten.
    Only after love and acceptence of self can true love be giving…” T.H.

    “Love ur latest poem. Really makes me think of how I never stop to really look at the person in the mirror. I really need to learn to slow down and just enjoy every moment, and ask myself what I want.” P.P.

    Love your poem… I can’t tell you how many times I have looked in that mirror. Age, time and wisdom help bring us to the start of loving ourselves. ❤️C.C.

    That’s so beautiful Taru.
    I’m so proud of you honey! Keep them coming. They’re really very heartwarming!
    Seems to reflect with me when I receive them just at the right time!

    “….this is beautiful and for me it has come at the right time ….. believe it or not one of my favourite lines in a song is the Whitney Houston …… learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all ….. “N.T.

    “Simply loved this poem.
    We are not one but 3; the one others think we are, the one we think we are and the one we really are. Our very purpose of existence is to discover who we really are- pure love. But to love others we must learn to love ourself first x” B.A.


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