If love is not…

If love is not fear
It must be bravery
Bravery to fight the demons 
That fuel all our fears
Bravery to stand tall and breathe in air
Knowing it is the shield in life
If love is not guilt
It must be freedom
Freedom to confront
The choices you’ve made
Choices leading to hurt
Then freedom to choose your healing
If love is not judgement
It must be acceptance
Acceptance that all is 
Just how it’s meant to be,
And that there is a path
Not of good or bad,
But of learning and discovery 
So love is… bravery
Love is…freedom
And love is… acceptance
Love in its deepest form 
Is acknowledgement,
That there is YOU
You in this time
You with this life
You with all your 
Demons and divinity,
Making the wholesomeness 
You are meant to be.

15 thoughts on “If love is not…

      1. Everything is well with me. I got my first corrections with my manuscript. Now to put those corrections from a printed hard copy to the copy on the computer. Tedious. I won’t be using that editor anytime in the future. On the search for another one. How are you doing?


      2. Forgive me if you have told us already… you are working on a book? Exciting, congratulations,
        I am well… fortunate to have good spirits around me, in body and cyberspace ♥️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That is importance. It makes life more meaningful. Yes, I am working on a book. I am editing at the moment and putting everything in the present tense. It is a chore, I hope your are having an excellant night.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes dedication and effort will be appreciated, when us readers can hold your work in the physical context!!
        Had a great evening, my friend streamed a concert by Richardo Arjano, and invited me!


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