Love’s Domain

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Fires of passion.
Burning brightly.

Skies emulating
Love’s invitation.

Ephemeral clouds.
Encapsulating light.

For those with sight,
Silently dancing.

From peach to magenta,
Dissipating into cerulean greys.

Do you have the lens
To capture,

Or has the glamour
Of the mundane,

Removed you from
The spectrum of living?

Look before this show
Is over.

At the height of this
Dazzling display,

Opens yet
Another doorway.

Know then the colors you seek
Are in gratitude’s keep.

At knowing.

Giver and receiver
Are on the same plane.

This, is love’s
Magnanimous domain.

Atul Ranchod

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3 thoughts on “Love’s Domain

  1. Here to say, your blog is truly fascinating and your work stunns me. You are bound and set for success. I am happy to have discovered your blog. Staying tuned for more posts! – Cezane

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