Princes valiant
Victorious and virile
Princesses demure
Delicate and divine,
Castles charming
Cultured and content;
Childhood indoctrination
Visual imagery instilled.

Years, decades pass
The images engraved
Yet distanced and denied.
Worthiness questioned
Strive abandoned.

Dragons and demons
Insipid and unrecognized,
Fuel either apathy
Or suppress revived energies.

Who are these demons?
Their beastly indifference
Their monstrous tolerance
And devious submission!
How cleverly and rationally
They lock away your dreams

Discard the visual
Embrace your rights
For fairytales do come true!
You want your castle?
Your kingdom to reign?

Claim your virtues
Respect your perspective and thirst!
Then pick up your swords of
Fortitude and determination!

Perhaps you were born
Right into your fairytale
As why else did you once
Feel like king of the castle,
Conqueror of all!

Reclaim your castle
Where brick and mortar
Is of joy and kindness
Appreciation and gratitude;
And fortressed by
The love of Divine.

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