No Ambiguity


Austere at first glance
Clean distinct features
Clearly uncompromising of mediocrity!

Yet soft are the edges
Delivering the magnanimous heart
Threaded through every fiber
Of face and flight!

Message is obvious
To the open hearted
“I am here,
See me
Seeing you”

4 thoughts on “No Ambiguity

  1. Taruna, your poem is an absolute joy to read and behold, I have taken it deep into my heart. Those soft edges, oh my goddess I love how you can see them, feel them … many cannot, their focus is on ‘seriousness’ alone. The owl is a clever old bird, deeply symbolic of wisdom, insight and mysterious knowledge. Love this! Such fine writing dear poet.


    1. Thank you…. This piece was inspired by someone who has the character of an owl… If we just look sometimes things are blatantly clear… As humans we have the uncanny trait to complicate…


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