Fire and Fury!!!


Zestfully we charge around
Feeling all so important
Stomping to get our so called missions accomplished.

Any little obstacle
Oxygenates the sleeping embers of discontent,
With ignition triggered
The flames dart in every direction
Greedily collecting any fuel
To justify the road taken
And warrant the complaint and fury…

But there is another fire
A fire with embers soft and calm
With flames that comfort and heat
With light that draws you to home

However, even this fire will roar
And when it does, there is no fear
For the roar is the heart’s cry of knowing that true power is present…

The choice is there
Which fire to fan
Which heat to feel,
Demonic and destructive
Or rescuing and restorative.

Look around
Then look within.
Find the fire
That brings love not fury
That brings comfort not fear
And can never be put out.

3 thoughts on “Fire and Fury!!!

  1. Wow! Your pen is on FIRE! dear poet … love how you write deeply about the internal fire, beautiful work Taruna. Superb last line, just love that this fire ‘can never be put out’ … you offer us so much hope and solace, thank you.

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  2. Beautiful insight into the depths of the the human spirit. It is perhaps from writings like this that the eternal flame of hope can light the path to bring out the best in being human!
    Bravo Taruna! You have quite a gift!

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