Is this what’s new for you?
A new year?
A new month?
A new day?

Well I have news for you!
What’s new is much more frequent
It’s the freshest newest thing there is!

It’s here and then here again
And before it’s gone
Its almost here again!

‘What?!’ you ask

It’s breath!!

And there!
And there again!
New every time
Can’t stop it even if you try!!”

“Why is it new?” You ask

Because it brings a new moment
A new opportunity
Never a repeat.
Just like a first kiss
The morning sunrise
A child’s first step

Don’t wait for the occasion
Don’t want for a change
Inherent in each breath
Is the unseen truth,
Each one precious
Each one only for you….

That’s what’s new!

So enjoy your New Year
Your new month
Your new day
Your new moment

The one that comes
With each New Breath…

14 thoughts on “New

  1. Almost the opposite of my post in terms of light contrasted to dark, but these dichotomies and dualities are the lifeblood of art, spirituality, expression and consciousness, don’t you think? Light, dark. Good, evil. Soul, body. Woman, man. Physicality, imagination. Yin, yang…it’s a beautiful piece, incidentally, once more. K

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  2. I believe in that too! We shouldn’t wait for occasions to decide on a change. Every single breath is a fresh start! Nice words and thanks for the links by the way:) I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my posts.

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