Alone in the Crowd

A profound problem prevails
Not of drugs,
Alcohol or sex
But of attention.

With lack of stillness
Abandonment of eye contact and listening
Value is lost
In the one on one.

With quality misperceived
Defined by quantity of ‘likes’
Distances traveled
Selfies with monuments.

This scarce commodity
Briefly given
Desperately craved
Now sought for in the unlikely.

These gadgets abundant
Handheld to worn,
Closer than keys
More valued than currency.

What have we become
When what we need
We’ve found in a mode,
Which serves only to perpetuate the disease.

With false sense of belonging
In a crowd yet alone
Hoping to be heard
Yet not a word is exchanged.

“Pictures are worth a thousand words”
But today we cry
No more pictures!
Just give me a moment
And few real words.


11 thoughts on “Alone in the Crowd

      1. Well the truth is we are alienated from ourselves and each other as a general rule due to the dominant culture. I try to remedy that by connecting to myself and others when I can. I am always up to connect now.. I see why it is the way it is and how others suffer and even die longing for loved ones to notice. It is a very sad state of affairs and we need to keep brining attention to it. Love and hugs. xoox


  1. It is sad what we are becoming
    there’s something we are losing
    today without those little devices
    we cannot get or be amusing,
    people are in front of the screen
    their phones they are using
    more than that if around people
    talking, spending time, bonding
    they prefer their device’s screen
    because they are kind of abusing
    don’t be you one of those people
    that get connections a bit confusing.

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