Checking in….

What if you gave yourself 

A moment each day

Perhaps at the start

Probably more needed at the end

Just to check in on yourself

Saying, “how are you feeling today?”

“How did your day go?”

If it was tough

Can you give yourself a moment

To relax, breathe deep, breathe long

And let it out slow.

Whatever you felt

Can you accept, allow

Reflect as needed

The let it all go.

Open yourself 

Much like the sky 

And watch the happenings

The events, the emotions

As they float on by

Slow like summer clouds

Or fast like birds as thunder rolls in.

Then as the space empties, quietens

And a silence sings

Bask, like bathing in the sun

Let a warmth surround 

Let a comfort embrace 

This is presence

And this is how you get all checked in.

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