Vulnerability : Strength or Weakness ? !


What is your deepest strength and protection?
Is it the barriers we put up?
Is it the fortresses we hide in?
Is it the choice of ignorance ?

Barriers, fortresses and ignorance
Bring isolated oblivion at a cost
The cost of living a death!

Your greatest strength is your vulnerability!
Yes, that part of you that risks the deepest wounds
Wounds which only heal with true understanding and acknowledgement of what really is…
And in the process
The risk taken
Can bring the sweetest pleasures of living!!

The trick is to find your way
Walk with and let in the ones
Who enjoy and dance a like tune of their own
And hence forth
Your unions, your vulnerability
Will present as treasures not risks!!!

6 thoughts on “Vulnerability : Strength or Weakness ? !

  1. Beautifully expressed … ‘Your greatest strength is your vulnerability!’ so true. Since this liberated sheep in her post shepherd world first stepped out into the blogosphere I have met the loveliest handful of like-minded souls ‘who dance a like tune of their own’ … happy to have met you.


    1. Likewise… I have only been blogging for a little over two months… The diversity of style in expression of the innermost tune is awesomely variant as are our faces…
      So happy to meet you too..


  2. More wonderful, upbeat, vibrant, punchy, optimistic insight into the human condition in all its great colours. Just love this. K


  3. Inspired by that TED clip? I experienced the pain of vulnerability last week but the healing was so comforting and worth it. With you all the way on this one, it’s what makes being an alive human being.

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