Audio-The Eternals


Take a listen to the preface of The Eternals, new book by Richard Ankers….

A great read which enticed me to record this introduction, thank you for indulging me Richard..

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Book Promotion: The Eternals $0.99

Audio-Night’s Eloquence

Enjoy the audio recording of poetry by Amitav Chowdhury. Thank you for indulging me in the reading, Amitav.



Hurt with cuts and bruises,
I don’t doubt
Ointment and balm
You’d bring.

Chapped lips
And matted hair,
Bathe and comfort
You would plead.

If I’m really
To be seen,
Not matter my exterior
Love me for my interior.

Cast away the images
Prim, proper and pretty;
Embrace my essence
And let me claim my presence.



“Mirror mirror
On the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all…’

In the gentle trickle
Of a near dry stream,
The placid presence
Of the lotus within a murky abode

In the reflected elegance
Of the back staged moon,
The beaming presence
Of the glowing sun

Whether full force
And stage-front,
Or almost neglected
Along the sidelines

What I know
Is I am here,
Right now
And in this moment

Daring to look around
All are reflections
Of the omnipresent
And of me

Whatever the perception,
Wherever the appearance,
Both choice and acceptance
The unlocking keys

Unlock to your vision
Release your wisdom
Merge with the oneness
You know is real

Some mirrors are of glass
Some of smoke,
The ones that matter
Reflect to you your true self!

Love and Care

love and care

There are gorging valleys and canyons
Deep and mysterious oceans
Dark and ancient caves.

There are birds colored in rainbow spectrums,
Reptiles textured and patterned like kaleidoscopes,
People no two identical in phenotype or personality.

How grand the distinguishing features!
How many the infinite variables!
How abundant the opportunity for awe!

How fortunate to be
Not only an integral part of the composition,
But to be positioned to enjoy
This incredible stage.

How then to capture this living breathing theatre?
How to experience this today and preserve for tomorrow?
How to leave but a footprint to show
Acknowledgement and not destruction?

It’s to appreciate!
Appreciate this magnificent
Artistic creation,
And it’s Curator of kindness.

It’s to learn to love and care.

As the source of all creation
Is but love and care.
The effort for sustaining anything valued
Is to love and care.
The power to thrive and flourish
Is best from love and care.

To dance on this stage
Sit in the seats
Watch the show
And even befriend
And acknowledge the Producer

Now this is the gift
Of the ultimate
Love and caretaker!





As the butterfly you see all her alluring flutters
Yet wait awhile
As the wings are folded to rest
And she stills herself

You’ll then recognize the earlier colors
The flutters performed
Were reflections and windows
Of her inner hues and moves

In her secret place within
She finds her lover of loves
She floats in the clearest of air
She breathes in the perfume of heaven

How can she not
But simply shine and glow
Ooze compassion and love
Want to sing glory and praise
Of her One that showed the way.

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