Peace Prosperity Dignity

An actual reality
That comes with acceptance
Of the magnificence and simplicity,
Of what ‘Is’
‘Oh what a feeling’, Just as in the song…

A side effect of peace,
Where what is needed appears
And then flows with abundance
Enough to spare and share..

And then as if that is not plenty
Along comes Dignity…
A sheer strength
That fears nothing,
Holds no weapons
But fights all that dares
To shadow Prosperity and Peace…

So bask in all that ‘Is’
This great moment…
Welcome each person,
Each experience
And when the moment is empty of worldly noise
Accept that too
And yearn for the shrouded world within
And slowly and surely
It will also
Reveal its treasures to you…

5 thoughts on “Peace Prosperity Dignity

  1. “Reveal its treasures to you…” is the most wonderfully apt last line. This poem reveals and reveres millennia of great and profound wisdom in a few lines and yet it feels as fresh as the now. Really wonderful. Feels like reading Gibran or some such wonder.

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