Written by someone who never ceases to  amaze me… my baby brother, Dipak Patel.


Some call it positive thinking
Other consider it an attitude
What is that feeling of hope
How does it churn our very insides.

Some call it blind expectation
Others consider it denial of facts
Why is it essential to life
When does it come into its own

Some say without it we’re doomed
Others feel like dieing when it is lost
Where does it truly reside
Who holds the answers about hope

Could hope be that driving force
To fuel our endeavors
As it lifts our souls
As easily as it can pop our balloon

Hope is not blind but a vision
A picture of the possible
Let hope be the colors on your palette
The medium of your painting heart

Hope is at the foundation of you
What you hope has the highest chance
Never lose that lantern of hope
Let it guide you, defend you and above all…

Allow hope into your life with every breath.

5 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Thank you for that reminder Taru. I am so proud to be so connect and close to my ‘adopted’ son, Dipak. He truly is amazing us all with his endless talent!
    Well done Dips! Let’s read some more? SukiMasi X

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  2. My blogbis taglined, ” where hope is real” i yet have to write a post about hope and i have seen some around the blogosphere about them. This is one of my favourates. Utterly Splendid! You have a gift in this art of writing! Such talent within you. – Cezane

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