14 thoughts on “Audio-Mothering Goddess

      1. Thank you! Very kind.. The poem is one of my earlier posts from Mother’s Day this year.. I’m not very tech savvy so the recording quality is not the best but I like finding backing music for the reading and pairing the two ..

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      2. yes i do think so… i would love to recite a piece of your work too.. perhaps you will allow me the privilege? of course you have all rights of refusal and no offense taken.. you could keep for your listening pleasure or allow me to post.. i have recorded for another writer but only just figured out how to post..
        i also want to do live readings for seniors…

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      3. No way I would say no to you, Taruna. Of course, it will be a privilege. I would love hearing a recitation of my poem in your voice. So lovely of you to think about it and a wonderful idea of lending your voice to seniors.

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      4. And friend like you who recognizes my creativity and constantly supports my endeavor is a blessing for me. You let me know which poem of mine you would like to recite or you may choose one you like and surprise me. πŸ™‚ It’s your wish.

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      5. Thank you… Give an inch and I’ll take a mile!! It’ll be a surprise then!
        Finding you, your work and your support is equally a blessing for me!

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  1. You live it wonderfully, Taruna, and it carries through. Serenity; purity; the majesty and the nurturing of the Divine Feminine is what your voice naturally exudes. You will be enfolding souls in healing, my blessed Sister. Love and gratitude, Leon

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