Invisible Forces


When all the elements
Soil, light and water
Present and play
The process begins..

Awakened from core to surface
The seed pushed forth
Against all pressure
Against all odds

You too
With all your history
Shackled to torment
Over and over

Plus present bite and spit
Venomous and stinging
From glare to words
Abusive, depriving

Push, push forth
As no-one sees
The invisible forces
Constantly pulling you down

Reach with all your might
Grab every trickle
Kindness, love, joy
And watch…

Smoldering flames may persist
Stand detached from the fanners
Mourn yesterday’s self
Live in today’s breath

And promise me this
You’ll reach, you’ll call
Me, the like,
All your little gifts

You will be your own angel
As you already have your wings
And this life you’ll walk alone

But you need never be lonesome!



Smiles, humor, sarcasm
Numbing facade
Looking up, looking in
Masking, masking the pain

Each day
Promise made
‘I’m OK’
“I AM OK”!

Each night, defeated
Demons crawling
Raging discontent
Useless numbing

Hard to swallow
Impossible to cry
Heartbeat imploding
Mind hurtling

Tools employees
Moments of relief
Comfort appreciated
Gratitude known

Yet recycled
Each day the climb
Survival unknown
Too hard to keep letting go

So in need of sharing
Just a little kindness
Just a little care
Making the infinite difference

Holding close
My worthiness
Confronting the change
Keeping light in sight

The seeds well sown
The need too great
Incremental changes
Alls in motion

Grasping at any strand
Any tendril of hope
Blowing my way
In the wind of life

The task at hand
Seems so huge
Yet greater still
Is Divine’s own call

The course is steep
Summit hard to reach
But I will,  without a doubt
Just so long, as I keep it all in sight