Moment by moment

The scroll lengthens

The weave thickens

History in the making 

Each day an event

When comes the pivotal point

No one ever knows

Arrivals departures 

The stream goes on

Yet the accumulative effect

Undeniably shapes

The future to come

No reality ever

Quite as the dreamer intended 

So dive below the turmoil

Surface above the mundane 

And soar with the stars

To a place so sublime

Where never touched by the grime 

Unavoidably part of this here time

12 thoughts on “Tapestry

      1. Hope to read you on my page and that it will give you the strength to show a little of your erotica, you look pretty

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I second that motion. Writing is more than just a needed expression, it is more than just an art, it holds scientific value as well. kudos for your gift of expression and your willingness and desire to reach others in a way that is not harmful…


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