Dare You Deny


Black man kills.
Brown man kills.
White man kills.
Mentally ill!
What inequalities!
Outrageous righteousness!
Blatant unconsciousness!
Common denominator
Beneath the differences
All are flesh and blood
Requiring acknowledgement, acceptance
Striving for peace and love.
These are our commonalities.
Dare you deny!
Yet presidency given
To fear, greed and anger.
Dare you deny!
Deny this noise your attention
Dare to be a just voice
And claim the you
That enables unity yet choice.

13 thoughts on “Dare You Deny

  1. Black, brown, white… That’s what makes this melting pot great. It’s diverse! Dare to be tolerant and understanding of our differences ❀️

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  2. Such an ugly reality so very beautifully written. Inequality thrives because people mindlessly use the word as a crutch and it’s just that to them, a word. It needs to become an action for the meaning of the word to truly be understood and effectively practiced. Thank you for sharing this. πŸ™πŸΎ

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