Nature’s Valentine

With your eyes upon me
I stand in your trance
Delicate, supple,
Dare I say, beautiful

Your kindness showers a light
What you see is your reflection
Except you think
The beauty belongs all to me

Together we beam
Bouncing energies that gleam
Much like chicken and egg
Where does this beauty begin and reside?

Universal is this beauty’s light
So easy to see in nature’s delights
Yet if so omnipresent
Why so hard to accept
That we are part of the same exquisite design

Come, my admirer
Share with me your heart
So that I may too
See my reflection

Then with such an embrace
Of love, light and beauty
Gratitude can reign
And we both shall have truly lived

12 thoughts on “Nature’s Valentine

      1. My pleasure!
        Apologies for delayed response, and thankyou for your brilliant quote ..”the certainties/ conceptualizations that comfort’ herein lies our demise…” is that your own, just wow. It went so perfectly with my $120 million scream 😃,
        Thankyiu for being there

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes my words… glad you were pleased and I did not sound arrogant or too strong but these are times that have much to teach us if we care to do so
        Glad you are there/here too my friend🙏


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