Staples of Life

Photo by Max Malloy, curtesy of Pinterest.

Staples of Life


For the warrior of old
Chia was his sustenance
Now with innumerable grains
Some so old like amaranth, unknown

For the arid desert nomad
A palm on the horizon, a vision of hope
Now water, flat or sparkling
And in any flavor sought

The shepherd into his night
Lead by the galaxy of stars
Today with the neon lit skies
Some have lost the savoring of dawn

So what now remains
As the staples of life?
What is it, without which
We cannot survive!

Conditioned to strive
For fame and fortune
Placing prosperity before responsibility
Lost is man

In the battle
The mirage
The day’s toil
Leaders, soldiers, all men
Muddle in circles

The greatest of misfortunes
Has befallen mankind
For he has no answer
To what sustains his own life!

At times, man is forced to face
His dichotomous humanity
For some a choice
For most not

When stripped naked
Of the labels, the roles
The doing and undoings
The staples of life
Emerge from the core

Humility or pomposity
Vulnerability or defensiveness
Compassion or suppression
Gratitude or greed

Wait not for the unraveling of your life
Embrace your core
And claim
The grandest of staples
Fit for this life

Indian wants the Bronx

‘Indian wants the Bronx’ play from 1967!!

Don’t know if you have heard of this play.. See link.. Al Pacino was in the early production…
It’s about Racism and politically hot, apt for today’s issues..

My friend plays the ‘Indian’ Gupta in a current production in Santa Monica, Ca

Playing today, 9pm, tomorrow 2.15pm.
Last show Friday 6/24 10pm..
Thought you might like to see, if interested, and like to see a man making a dream of being on stage a reality through perseverance and dedication..

Congratulations Mukesh!!