To bloom or not to bloom


Standing side by side
Under same blue sky
Same warm sun
Same rooting dirt

One of luster
Other barren of life,
One beautifully adorned
One striped naked.

Waking day by day
Under the same blue sky
The same warm sun
The same rooting breath

Do I ooze life
Do I effervesce with essence,
Or do I drag myself around
Do I need reviving!

Given freely
This air to breath
The sun to warm
These nutrient to feed

What tips the balance
Each and every day
From vibrant and victorious
To defeated and discouraged

So fine the division
So refined the disguise,
Most times the only one to know
Is me and myself

Is it challenge
Is it gift
To make the choice
To pick the way

Each day renewed
Beautifully granted
Until the end
Until the curtain draws

Opening my heart
I see my blue skies
I feel my radiant sun
I know my granted blessings

With the view to accept
The aptitude for gratitude
The budding begins
The bloom inevitable

Patterns, Habits and Choices


One sky
Same night
Different images

One man
Same deed
Different appreciations

One life
Same opportunities
Different perspectives

Do you see dusk’s beauty or darkness lurking?
Do you see man’s strength or is he overbearing?
Do you see life’s gifts or its shortcomings?

The answers are inherent in ‘choice’
Choice is dictated by patterns
Patterns are created by habits
Habits are formed over time

Time is of the essence
Cultivate your desired habits
Formulate your pattern
Stand by your active choice

Look for the signposts
The landmarks have been laid
The bricks may not all be yellow
But the path is clear

Open up to beauty and kindness
And appreciation will become a habit
Watch your perspective form a pattern
And your choice becomes full of life!