Innermost cry…

Man’s [and woman’s!] innermost cry has always been heard.
When he needed fire he was given flint,
When he needed water he found the river,
When he needed to know himself he was shown how to turn within.

Man has always become more with each evolution.
When he needed to build his strength
He had to climb and forage,
When he needed to exercise his intellect
He invented
When he needed to love
He found his soul..

Never has man not been given the tools to his true calling,
Yet it has always been left to him to acknowledge his need, his thirst…
Will he see, not with eyes, but with passion what his mission really is?
Will he dare to step outside the ring and lead his own journey?

He who does, will soon know the hardest is but the simplest,
The most out of reach is the closest
The most priceless is the most abundant..
Oh what dance we dance!

Such is our time that we get to yearn and satisfy,
Listen and sing,
Give yet take of the endless stream of music…
The rhythm of life…


4 thoughts on “Innermost cry…

  1. This is beautiful. ✨ I love how the format comes full circle back to the beginning as well. So true; we have the tools to make our way towards our journey’s apex, it’s just that so few choose to acknowledge or use them. Thank you for sharing.


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