Innermost cry…

Man’s [and woman’s!] innermost cry has always been heard.
When he needed fire he was given flint,
When he needed water he found the river,
When he needed to know himself he was shown how to turn within.

Man has always become more with each evolution.
When he needed to build his strength
He had to climb and forage,
When he needed to exercise his intellect
He invented
When he needed to love
He found his soul..

Never has man not been given the tools to his true calling,
Yet it has always been left to him to acknowledge his need, his thirst…
Will he see, not with eyes, but with passion what his mission really is?
Will he dare to step outside the ring and lead his own journey?

He who does, will soon know the hardest is but the simplest,
The most out of reach is the closest
The most priceless is the most abundant..
Oh what dance we dance!

Such is our time that we get to yearn and satisfy,
Listen and sing,
Give yet take of the endless stream of music…
The rhythm of life…


Cold, tepid or blazing hot!!

A pot of boiling water..
How does it boil?
Energy applied increases its molecular activity
Movement occurs
Eventually the water evaporates
Some say it disappears
But no it has just changed
As it reappears as steam and condensation…

We have our own ‘pot’
Our pot is the Heart.
It’s contents?
Love, Joy, and Kindness!

A rumbling starts
The beginnings of a thirst
A wish to feel the contents of the heart.
We know there’s something there
Perhaps solid
Perhaps buried..

As the thirst forms and strengthens
There is a quiver, a beat, and then a rhythm
Finally a flow, up and over the rim
You think your pot will run dry
But it does not.
Your think you will lose your love and joy
But you don’t.
The heart is bottomless
And your thirst is endless!!

Whatever it touches or sprays
May feel a glow and kindness,
It may even trigger another’s thirst.

This power is incalculable,
Awakened it sustains the living
With fervor and zest,
Dormant it silently patiently awaits
With no agenda of its own.

Your temperature setting
Is a choice of your own..
How is your ‘pot’?
Cold, tepid or blazing hot!!

Two Words…

Happy Birthday
Best Wishes
Well Done
Good Day
Good Night
Miss You
Love You

ooh those two word-combos!
ooh so good to hear!
ooh to feel remembered!

What of the ultimate two words!
These are not spoken
These float
IN and OUT
As each divine BREATH

Who is it that cares to remember you
Each second
Each minute
Each hour
Each day?

It’s the One sending
The ultimate gift,
The one sending
Life itself…

So, thank you my friends
As we remember each other
On each one of our special birth days,
And learn to remember and connect
To the Ultimate friend
Every Day

Inner Saving Grace

IMG_4911 A few days ago it was 7/31, a day in the calendar commemorating life teachers, guides, Masters and gurus…

Oh ..What of the date! How the need is ever present if the thirst is acknowledged…

Here is my interpretation of a few words by Prem Rawat, an internationally acclaimed speaker on the topic of inner peace …

‘If there’s icy weather all around you, you will feel a bitter chill, right?.. Yes.
Then light a wood fire, cloak in a blanket and warmth can be your saving companion…
This doesn’t make the icy weather disappear but your choice to be in warmth and heat makes all the difference to the ease and quality of your existance..
Walk away from the heat, take off the blanket and you cannot deny the bitter bite of cold!
So find the companions, who in spite of the sad and difficult times around you, dispel the dark and cold…go to your inner source, keep company of your findings of joy and contentment and allow this to shelter you from the cold this world may shower upon you…’

For video presentations of talks across the globe by Prem Rawat, visit