Crazy when it’s normal to avoid the eyes of someone passing by and to smile may even be considered as dangerous!

Crazy when we fear the two legged Homo sapiens yet cuddle up with the four legged wild mammals!

Crazy when a ding on the smart phone is more commonplace than a ring at the front door!

Crazy when, even with loved ones, a two dimensional smile is more frequently produced than a three dimensional
face-to-face smile!

Crazy that these changes are becoming the cultural norm where humans are becoming impersonal to each other!

Crazy that perhaps when we had less,
Less to acquire
Less to loose
Less to compare

We actually had more.
More physical contact
More personal connections
More inherent humanity!

Perhaps there’s no need to have less
To be able to give more
If the detachment from transient
And acknowledgement to real
Is truly our goal.

4 thoughts on “CRAZY!!

  1. Oh Taruna! That was just incredible. A deeply insightful, reflective read that engages all senses. You ask all the big questions and question those senseless responses from others that we encounter throughout our lives. You hit the bull’s-eye as the reader cannot turn away from the deep karmic truth of your words. Impressive writing! On a similar theme you may enjoy a blog post I wrote earlier this month called ‘Are You Sure You’re Pressing the Right “Like” Button?’ Blessings, Deborah.

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