Mates of the same soul…

For some,

I am a representation

Of their enamor with another.

For some,
They see me but fear my thorns.
For others
I’m too dainty to touch or unreachable.
But you,
You find me though I hide.
You see
Not only my contours, hues and parts,
But my longing, luster and love.
With your lens and your gaze,
You cast away my shadows.
Make my surrounding disappear,
Give me center stage
Bringing me into existence,
And then make me immortal.
Hovering and circling
You embrace
Even dance me.
Moving from a steadfast stance
To glorious highs of the smoothest rhythms.
Finally, we find our place
Where the moment is captured,
With a knowing that the frame,
Shows how we are mates
Of the same soul.

Love into the Mirror


See the big deep eyes
Staring back at you?
The centered nose
Trying not to sniffle?
The pouty lips
Wanting not to give it all away?

Ever said,
“Cry its OK”
To that face in the mirror?

Standing apart from the form of myself
Separating from the pain
Allowing the play to unfold
I watch,
I acknowledge,
I comfort



By saying
To the face in the mirror

“I love you”

From deep within
Comes a Knowing
I am not my pain,
I am not my circumstances,
I am not the labels.

So I say, to the one
That no one else sees
And the one that looks right back into me,
I do
I do
I do love you!

The Gift

No bow or ribbon in sight
No crisp enticing wrap
No tag to who or from where
Yet the unimaginable gift lays waiting.

Sometimes its hard to believe
This gift even exists,
That’s because it’s just not recognized,
Not seen for what it is.

Then moments arrive
Your quiet little dream
Or your deep screaming cry
Yield into form.

So what is your gift?
The subject of your dreams?
No my friends
The gift is a power.

The power to connect,
Connect and have relation
To the design within
Who hears all your ‘noise’.

So what when you feel giftless
When life is a mess
When all your efforts go astray
And defeated and alone you feel.

Remember you’re connected
Connected to the Source
And knowingly or unknowingly
We feed in the ‘noise’.

This noise, this input
Entered into the mainframe
Coded, decoded
With only one core instruction.

“Synthesize more of the loudest, most abundant input”

With little understood
This natural law, power, gift,
We misuse labels
To explain our realities.

With a little understanding
Acknowledgement, appreciation.
We can come to recognize
That actually, all is our own doing,
Be it our dreams
Or our nightmares!

So beware what you dream for,
Snap out of your nightmares.
Focus and attend to your strengths,
Define your objectives,
And witness the majesty of designs
Create before your eyes.

Tiny grains of sand


Tiny grains of sand
Compress and surface
As a string of pearls

Singular droplets of moisture
Merge and form
The great oceans

Flimsy wisps of cloud
Float and rise
As the comforting sky

Each and every breath
Shallow or deep
Opportunities encompassing existence

Such grandeur!
Pearls, oceans, the sky
Even existence.

All nothing without
The minutiae
Grains, droplets, wisps
And every little breath.

What is it that we see?
What is it that we acknowledge?
The whole?
Or it’s parts?

What are we?
Or individuals?

How kindly we are made!
How kindly we are acknowledged!

Each with a face
Never duplicated
Each with a beat
Rhythm unique
Each allowed
Opportunity unparalleled!

Have you seen
The part you are?
Own your chance
Claim your gift
Live your turn
No strings attached
This is your time!

All Born Kings



Attire of regales
Naturally adorned

Yet what mighty weight
Held on sturdy shoulders

Looking ahead
With so much to protect

Head held high
Yet still humbled

With virtue of heart
Comes the clearest glory

Daily battles
Some won, some lost

Need no army
Wage no war

Crowned by birth
Dispute unworthy

Mother Nature’s King
Know you reign supreme!

Love and Care

love and care

There are gorging valleys and canyons
Deep and mysterious oceans
Dark and ancient caves.

There are birds colored in rainbow spectrums,
Reptiles textured and patterned like kaleidoscopes,
People no two identical in phenotype or personality.

How grand the distinguishing features!
How many the infinite variables!
How abundant the opportunity for awe!

How fortunate to be
Not only an integral part of the composition,
But to be positioned to enjoy
This incredible stage.

How then to capture this living breathing theatre?
How to experience this today and preserve for tomorrow?
How to leave but a footprint to show
Acknowledgement and not destruction?

It’s to appreciate!
Appreciate this magnificent
Artistic creation,
And it’s Curator of kindness.

It’s to learn to love and care.

As the source of all creation
Is but love and care.
The effort for sustaining anything valued
Is to love and care.
The power to thrive and flourish
Is best from love and care.

To dance on this stage
Sit in the seats
Watch the show
And even befriend
And acknowledge the Producer

Now this is the gift
Of the ultimate
Love and caretaker!




True Nature


The puppy on the heels of the child
The flower up turned to the sun
The thunderous run of every river to the sea
The closing of your eyes to go within…

All of nature works with but one rule
To defy not its true course and character.
When nature remains unbroken
Beauty prevails and
Peace is resounding.

When we want to feel love
There needs to be no instruction for where to turn,
When we need to go home
There needs to be no signpost.

Are you true to your nature?
True to your one rule?
Do you know what it is?

It is to be in your joy
Surround yourself with those that fuel this,
It is to turn to warmth and love
And away from fire and anguish,
It is to feel love in and around you
It is to recognize your home within….

In a time when complexity is revered
Such simplicity is dismissed.
Oh how far have we strayed from our true nature?

If the guise of each label
The weight of each role,
If the barrier from each layer
Is all acknowledged as it is,
Temporary and void of ownership
Then yes, return we may
Back to our true nature
One of joy, love and peace….

Explosive Peace!!!


Want a dynamic life?
Excitement every waking moment?
Awesome surroundings day and night?

Invite Peace!

Want to feel thrill in thought?
Tenderness in touch?
Connection true and deep?

Invite Peace!

Want to understand creation’s magic?
Appreciate and participate in the play of nature’s laws?
Know your every momentary divine privilege?

Invite Peace!

There is nothing flat
Nothing mundane,
Nothing vegetative
About Peace!

Know your Peace
Know the company it keeps
Befriend these elements
And witness, live and explore
Your most precious gift..

A ‘Peace’ exploding with life!!



Crazy when it’s normal to avoid the eyes of someone passing by and to smile may even be considered as dangerous!

Crazy when we fear the two legged Homo sapiens yet cuddle up with the four legged wild mammals!

Crazy when a ding on the smart phone is more commonplace than a ring at the front door!

Crazy when, even with loved ones, a two dimensional smile is more frequently produced than a three dimensional
face-to-face smile!

Crazy that these changes are becoming the cultural norm where humans are becoming impersonal to each other!

Crazy that perhaps when we had less,
Less to acquire
Less to loose
Less to compare

We actually had more.
More physical contact
More personal connections
More inherent humanity!

Perhaps there’s no need to have less
To be able to give more
If the detachment from transient
And acknowledgement to real
Is truly our goal.