Let it Swing!


A little splash of color
A little depth then subdued
Colors, contours, crevices
All Nature’s depiction of life.

Is this not like the pendulum swing
The momentum of life events?
Milestones, crises, inevitables
A little excitement
A little drama
A little discontent…

Through the dynamic process of both,
Nature and one’s life span
There is but one constant,
The flow of energy
Without which there is no color, no events, no experience..

So look and see the surface element,
Pleasing and displeasing.
But don’t stop there
Go a little deeper
Feel the flow
Put on your skates, find your wings
Ride and fly.

For here is true living
No definition, no judgment
Pure and simple joy
Clarity in existence;
And appreciation for making
The rank of the living….

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