If ever a claim to ownership
It is a mother’s to her child.
Her entire focus is comfort and contentment
As she provides that aura of security and guardianship.

The child goes on her way
Each day anew
To play, learn and laugh.
The mother watches, waits and facilitates
Every one of her strengths and conquests…

Standing very close
She’s also just as ready
To pick up the pieces
To shine the light
So home of the heart
Is never far from sight.

As mothers, we sometimes cry.
But when we smile
Nothing is warmer,
Not even the rays of the sun.

But who waits for the mother?
Who laughs when she laughs?
Who’s shoulder does she lean on?

In her time
She too had her mother.
But all along
For both mother and child,
There is another.
One that’s beyond this time and space we see
Beyond the materials we hold and feel…

This guardian
Is closer than close.
So much so
That its integral form to all
Makes it the most obvious
Yet still hidden..

How can this be?!
Why is it so?!

All so perfectly postured
The discovery is as sweet
As the recognition and knowing,
Of how with every one of her steps
Her hand was always held
Her heart always filled
And all she had to do
Was to understand
This ever present divine guardianship….