True Friendship


When familiarity is not just comfortable
But holds intrigue and excitement

When comfort is not just being relaxed
But inspires belonging and respect

When intrigue is not just the unknown
But builds to expand growth

When excitement does not fizzle
But leads to new heights..

This is finding
One’s home
This is finding one’s friend

2 thoughts on “True Friendship

  1. I love how you blend your truly wonderful, seasonal ‘Three Queens’ (as opposed to Kings!) with your devoted lyrics of true friendships. I found myself nodding throughout your uplifting, inspiring verse Taruna. Your three ‘homecoming’ queens lend themselves perfectly to the forth-coming Christmas Season.

    ‘Finding one’s true friend’ … such an awe-inspiring, spiritual quest. Warm winter wishes, Deborah.


    1. Deborah you see straight through the guise… The essence is that ‘true’ friend
      This seasons values lend themselves to deeper introspection..
      Much deep merriment to you and yours!


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