Birds Eye Privilege


From Wright to Ron
Discoveries to adventures
The two legged man
Makes his way to flight

With science and courage
Precision to check marks
Buckles and headphones
We were set to go

Engines splutter to roll
Thrill engaged
Moving forward
Seamlessly to flight

Ascending the rise
City sights pass by
Then Central Valley food carpet
Spreads and sprawls wide

Ranges, aqueducts
Mineral pools and more
“Rita” gives life
To my very own birds eye

Sheets of cloud
Ominous at first
Like Bermuda Triangle
Stories and tales!

Control tower guides
Securing the passage
Skirting the dangers
The pilot’s my hero

If first flight
Was not thrill enough
On return, sunset to dusk
Entrance me again

Partnering the sky
Traveling side by side
The horizon waves good-bye
To the passing of my day

Hues of pink scattered in blue
Then creamed orange to zestful blaze
With last moments left
Golden yellow takes stage

Majestic rise to bow
From both the sun and my heart
For here heaven meets earth
With the breath and blessing of God

Thanks to Ron,
And Rita, his bird
And to Laurie,
For friendship, fun
And so much more!

The Friendship

For a short while

We came across

Each other’s paths

As friends

We shared a time

A passage

Leaving deep memoired ravines


We’d be friends forever

Not just this lifetime

But the next too

What folly

How fickle

As time has but one power

And that is 

To changes all things

Even the great Colorado

That ran virulent and strong

For so long

Dried out to be depleted

With the passage of time

No surprise then

For our short meeting time

Of days, months even years

To wither into moments and memories

Yet what splendor

Did she leave

That Colorado

Laying canyons deep

And etchings one of a kind

We my friend

May no longer walk

Side by side

But footprint on my heart

Smiles surfacing to my face

And our times

All return

To remain my solace

So now

Where ever I sit

I have you still

Here right beside me

Deep in the caverns of my heart



Five senses.
But how ‘touch’ wins the show!

Grasp of the finger
Pulling on a pet’s tail
Smearing food on table tops.
Oh how children touch!

A stroke on the cheek
Gliding fingers through hair
Lips to lips.
Oh how lovers touch!

Touch is the one sense
Meeting and surpassing all others.

The song of the nightingale
The magnificence of the orchestral play
The lapping of soothing waves
All heard by the ears
But how it ‘touches’ you…

The first rays of morning light
The buds of spring’s delight
The ripple of fine muscular might
All seen by the eyes
But oh how it ‘touches’ you!

Warm welcome handshakes
Acquaintances made.
Sitting snug side by side
Friendships old and gold.
Embraces long and lasting
Lovers trademark sold.
Such is the power of touch ..

Do you remember how to touch?
Or have you become
“Well behaved ”
Respectful of personal space!

Reach, stretch and touch
Get uncomfortable
So you can get comfortable,
Feel that which is around you
Listen with you ears
See your your eyes

Feel with your entire being
And be ‘touched’,
So you can get in-touch
With being a ‘being’!

3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 3

Thank you David for challenging me to the three days of quotes. Your blog is a great quick reference and fun place to stop for fitness tips, I encourage all to stop by and pick up a tip or two!

Day 3 Quote:quote3 (2)

My final day nominees and challenge rules…


  1. Thank your challenging blogger and post their site
  2. Post one to three quotes per day
  3. Post three consecutive days
  4. Challenge three different bloggers per day



Participation optional but I hope you can share what you enjoy from others that inspires  you….

True Friendship


When familiarity is not just comfortable
But holds intrigue and excitement

When comfort is not just being relaxed
But inspires belonging and respect

When intrigue is not just the unknown
But builds to expand growth

When excitement does not fizzle
But leads to new heights..

This is finding
One’s home
This is finding one’s friend