Five senses.
But how ‘touch’ wins the show!

Grasp of the finger
Pulling on a pet’s tail
Smearing food on table tops.
Oh how children touch!

A stroke on the cheek
Gliding fingers through hair
Lips to lips.
Oh how lovers touch!

Touch is the one sense
Meeting and surpassing all others.

The song of the nightingale
The magnificence of the orchestral play
The lapping of soothing waves
All heard by the ears
But how it ‘touches’ you…

The first rays of morning light
The buds of spring’s delight
The ripple of fine muscular might
All seen by the eyes
But oh how it ‘touches’ you!

Warm welcome handshakes
Acquaintances made.
Sitting snug side by side
Friendships old and gold.
Embraces long and lasting
Lovers trademark sold.
Such is the power of touch ..

Do you remember how to touch?
Or have you become
“Well behaved ”
Respectful of personal space!

Reach, stretch and touch
Get uncomfortable
So you can get comfortable,
Feel that which is around you
Listen with you ears
See your your eyes

Feel with your entire being
And be ‘touched’,
So you can get in-touch
With being a ‘being’!

20 thoughts on “Touched

      1. You mention gold and nature’s rays. Robert Frost’s poem Nothing Gold Can Stay. One of the more well known pieces of poetry. You wrote an addendum to it I feel, it was sublime and surreal what you wrote.

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