A simple puff of air
More magnanimous 
Than the greatest 
Of grandest gestures
You hold the essential
Of all that is
All that was 
And all that will be
Present as a mere undertone
An undercurrent 
Rarely front and center
Yet there is no me without you
Your ebb and flow
My love and joy
Your to and fro
My gift and glow
Within this cycle
Lays all that can be
Right here, right now
Not before nor after
So thankful for the reminders
So grateful for the chances
To feel present in letting go
To feel held in bowing low

15 thoughts on “Breath

      1. Not a problem, I have missed you!🤗 I hope all is well or at least there is hope🌹
        Life had got busy for me, trying to finish up my masters. So I was away for a while myself. I am done now. A new transition begins for me.
        Do you have any projects going on?

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      2. Congratulations my friend… best of luck to your transition🙏
        I am riding the wave of a changing work world in healthcare… keeping my head above water and staying positive and being thankful for my humanity…🙏

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