Historical representation 

The return of a light force

Joy and comfort rejoiced 

Reality check

Light is omnipresent 

Even in the darkest of times

Not only does it dance

At the break of dawn

In the twinkle of stars

But in the hurl of waves

In the flicker of eyes 

And roar of laughter 

I came as light

Much like a blow torch

Universally charged

The force, the light

Burns, sustains 

Every breath, every day

My casing ages


As my light remains constant 

The day will come

When it’s work for me is done

Then silently it moves on

Cherishing this light

Without which 

I am mere dust




My light 

It chose me 

It is me 

Being happy

In my light

Celebrate my Diwali 

11 thoughts on “Diwali

  1. Happy Diwali my friend. I hope you are well and you are having a peaceful day. If not have a gin and tonic over crushed ice and a twist of lime. lol Seriously about the light. It matters not how bad somebody tramples you down. There will be a light still there to ignite. You can’t snuff out light but you can darkness. Be well ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Have we talked about G&Ts before or are you psychic!! 😆That’s my drink! The day is the day and you have to look towards whatever leads you to your light, right my friend?! And yes there is darkness but all it takes is one candle, like you, to bring a little light along the way♥️♥️♥️


    1. Much like Christmas… very commercially exploited but with religious origins to inspire light, generosity and prosperity for humanity as a whole… or that’s my understanding 😜💞


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