Madness of March

From the maddening crowds
Masked with mayhem,
To voluntary quarantine
And prohibited movement

The making of mass hysteria.
Heads rise above the cellphone
Our seeming invincibility
Suddenly cracked open

Finally we see each other.
Is it with empathy or fear?
Is it with comradeship or disdain?

With opposing forces
Hand in hand
How are we to survive?
How are we to accept them all?

Looking to Mother Nature
She shows constant dichotomies
Where the unlikely
Co-habit and even thrive.

On the hardened brittle bark
Beauty resides
As blooms spring forth
Soft and sumptuous.

From murky stagnant pools
Emerge the pristine lotus flowers,
No looking back or down
Just rising with a divine grace.

So this March
Is like no other,
Tests and trials
All yet to come.

Let not madness reign
As the confusion may prevail,
Rather rise with fortitude
And generosity of heart.

What comes, must pass
So lose not sight,
And ask of yourself
What are my powers
Which are constant,
Restoring and sustaining.

Explosive Peace!!!


Want a dynamic life?
Excitement every waking moment?
Awesome surroundings day and night?

Invite Peace!

Want to feel thrill in thought?
Tenderness in touch?
Connection true and deep?

Invite Peace!

Want to understand creation’s magic?
Appreciate and participate in the play of nature’s laws?
Know your every momentary divine privilege?

Invite Peace!

There is nothing flat
Nothing mundane,
Nothing vegetative
About Peace!

Know your Peace
Know the company it keeps
Befriend these elements
And witness, live and explore
Your most precious gift..

A ‘Peace’ exploding with life!!