Displaying a variety of character
Enjoying the diversity of life’s adventures
Summoning a multitude of assets
All in a day’s play of living…

When all the layers removed
Naked truth revealed
No embellishment required
The best of all awaits

No sleeve for the heart
Magnanimously exposed,
No diluted passion
Raw yet gentle,
Completely present
For just the task at hand,
Giving fully of all
Mind, body and spirit!!

Lover’s Arms

lover's arms

What is your lover’s kiss?
The meeting of two
A spot of tenderness
Somewhere to express…?

What is your soul mate’s shoulder?
Somewhere to rest
A strength to lean on
A place to let go…?

What are those loving arms ?
Steel bars for protection
Great cranes to carry your troubles
Comfort for you to lay in…?

But where is that one lover?
The one that stays when all others have come and gone
The one who loved you before you knew you where loved..

Close your eyes, go within
Feel the kiss of life as each breath comes
Lean on that shoulder as the outside dissipates
Know those carrying arms as weightless you become..

Your one true lover
Resides within and beside you

In your one true lover’s company
There are no woes

In your one true lover’s arms
You know you are home…..