The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering ..

~ Ben Okri ~

To rise past all

That’s dares to smoother

The layers on layers

Commitments and constraints


To float above

The threat that tugs

The ties and chains

Of bonds and relations


To fly over

The snares invisible

The smoke and mirrors

The lies and illusions


Ah what relief

When the truth be known

To free my wings

To uncage my heart

No Reign for Confusion


So easy to fall
Into the pit of quicksand.
So quickly blown
Into the cortex of whirlwind.
So it is that this very mind
Sinks to depths
And flusters in circles.

One minute
Slim of thought
So tranquil is life,
Next an uproar
As confusion brings strife.

Acting almighty
As if in control
When all the while
Breaking loose as turmoil.

One breath in
One breath out
Diminishes quicksand
To a playful sandbox.

One breath in
One breath out
The gusty wind
Is but a calm breeze.

Hand in hand
Heart and mind
Which will lead?
Which will follow?

With ears turned in
Answers are heard
Equilibrium sounds
And home is found.

Yet not from the song of the heart
Nor the buzz of the mind
But a silence supreme
Where peace is sublime.