Romanced by the Sun



On a wintery fogged morning
Watching from behind
A thick blanket
Of heavy moist cloud

Allowed to be glimpsed
As the layers thin
You are a striking slither
Streaking across my sky

At first a most pure shine
Knowing your brilliance
You tease as a mystery
Charmingly cloaked

With the rise of the morning
You show your presence
Gingerly touching
Glistening dew drops

You banish the chill
Enticing activity
Drawing me forth
Into the day

At the height of noon
You are strong and kind
Grand and bold
Forcing me to acknowledge

My day is a disaster
If I do not see you
If I do not feel you
If I do not connect

Dusk begins to arrive
I am drunk in adoration
Your rich colors displayed
Never the same

Beginning your departure
Your embrace still fresh
Warmth subsides
But your power remains

As each winter night shortens
Your greet me each morning
Just a little earlier
Staying each day just a little longer

Every day, every year
You tease me so
You capture me so
And so it is
I am romanced by the sun!