Inner Saving Grace

IMG_4911 A few days ago it was 7/31, a day in the calendar commemorating life teachers, guides, Masters and gurus…

Oh ..What of the date! How the need is ever present if the thirst is acknowledged…

Here is my interpretation of a few words by Prem Rawat, an internationally acclaimed speaker on the topic of inner peace …

‘If there’s icy weather all around you, you will feel a bitter chill, right?.. Yes.
Then light a wood fire, cloak in a blanket and warmth can be your saving companion…
This doesn’t make the icy weather disappear but your choice to be in warmth and heat makes all the difference to the ease and quality of your existance..
Walk away from the heat, take off the blanket and you cannot deny the bitter bite of cold!
So find the companions, who in spite of the sad and difficult times around you, dispel the dark and cold…go to your inner source, keep company of your findings of joy and contentment and allow this to shelter you from the cold this world may shower upon you…’

For video presentations of talks across the globe by Prem Rawat, visit

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