Sunrise to Sunset…


Behold the promise of a new day
From the colors in the sky
Not a rainbow yet still quite an array.

Yellow, emerging with power
Orange to red passing passion and fire
Even dark blue is warm yet smoldering
As forced to retire by the glimmer of dawning.

Such are colors of life
Rich and in their turn take the stage.
Enjoy each hue
As the glows and shimmers, wax and wane
From life’s breaking dawn to it’s restful night…



If ever a claim to ownership
It is a mother’s to her child.
Her entire focus is comfort and contentment
As she provides that aura of security and guardianship.

The child goes on her way
Each day anew
To play, learn and laugh.
The mother watches, waits and facilitates
Every one of her strengths and conquests…

Standing very close
She’s also just as ready
To pick up the pieces
To shine the light
So home of the heart
Is never far from sight.

As mothers, we sometimes cry.
But when we smile
Nothing is warmer,
Not even the rays of the sun.

But who waits for the mother?
Who laughs when she laughs?
Who’s shoulder does she lean on?

In her time
She too had her mother.
But all along
For both mother and child,
There is another.
One that’s beyond this time and space we see
Beyond the materials we hold and feel…

This guardian
Is closer than close.
So much so
That its integral form to all
Makes it the most obvious
Yet still hidden..

How can this be?!
Why is it so?!

All so perfectly postured
The discovery is as sweet
As the recognition and knowing,
Of how with every one of her steps
Her hand was always held
Her heart always filled
And all she had to do
Was to understand
This ever present divine guardianship….

Simply Pure


Pure and simple
Honest clarity
Fragrantly supreme

Elegant eloquence
Creative climax
Divine design

Picturesque perfection
Delving deep
Leading the lost

All beauty has a unique way of taking the beholder back to the source of where the perception is rooted… Within!

The Gift..


Red rose
White rose
Yellow rose

Of passion and sensuality
Of purity and clarity
Of friendship and warmth

At first they bud
Then they bloom
Slowly the petals cascade on down..

Even when dried and wrinkled
Fragrant of character they still are
So What’s to reflect and enjoy continues to be ever present…

My, What lessons to learn!
What insights to behold!
What awe to witness!

So next time when gifting the rose
Know I shall be returned
Not only to the smile of gratitude,
But also the circle of life
Where true essence never dies…

What Difference ?!


Old soul
New soul,

What difference?

After all
We are,


What difference?

After all
We are,

Master less
Teacher less.

What difference?

Big difference!


The dark night now also has the light of day
The endless road has direction
Meaningless turmoil gives way to ease in ones own skin..

Perhaps this is all it is,
The finding of how to be from no one to some one
From going nowhere to being somewhere
And realizing you are your One.
And your journey and destination


Mortal to mortal ……
Flirtatious courtships
Declarations of commitment
Celebratory exhibitions
No guarantees!!!

Mortal to immortal….
Quiet undertones
Sweet discoveries
Undeniable kindnesses
Redemption in gratitude
Conjoined through to the end!!!

Immortalized mortal to immortalized mortal….
Exquisite bliss
Surpassed expectations
Plain exhilaration
Crystalline clarity
Limitless appreciation!!!


Inner Saving Grace

IMG_4911 A few days ago it was 7/31, a day in the calendar commemorating life teachers, guides, Masters and gurus…

Oh ..What of the date! How the need is ever present if the thirst is acknowledged…

Here is my interpretation of a few words by Prem Rawat, an internationally acclaimed speaker on the topic of inner peace …

‘If there’s icy weather all around you, you will feel a bitter chill, right?.. Yes.
Then light a wood fire, cloak in a blanket and warmth can be your saving companion…
This doesn’t make the icy weather disappear but your choice to be in warmth and heat makes all the difference to the ease and quality of your existance..
Walk away from the heat, take off the blanket and you cannot deny the bitter bite of cold!
So find the companions, who in spite of the sad and difficult times around you, dispel the dark and cold…go to your inner source, keep company of your findings of joy and contentment and allow this to shelter you from the cold this world may shower upon you…’

For video presentations of talks across the globe by Prem Rawat, visit


Almost buried…
The turmoil of each day.

Hopefully assertive…
The instinct formed by survived days.

Resoundingly hopeful…
The infused remnants from days enjoyed.

The understanding from true love.

All in a day
The fight is on
The win is claimed…
The gift of conscious living.