Cold, tepid or blazing hot!!

A pot of boiling water..
How does it boil?
Energy applied increases its molecular activity
Movement occurs
Eventually the water evaporates
Some say it disappears
But no it has just changed
As it reappears as steam and condensation…

We have our own ‘pot’
Our pot is the Heart.
It’s contents?
Love, Joy, and Kindness!

A rumbling starts
The beginnings of a thirst
A wish to feel the contents of the heart.
We know there’s something there
Perhaps solid
Perhaps buried..

As the thirst forms and strengthens
There is a quiver, a beat, and then a rhythm
Finally a flow, up and over the rim
You think your pot will run dry
But it does not.
Your think you will lose your love and joy
But you don’t.
The heart is bottomless
And your thirst is endless!!

Whatever it touches or sprays
May feel a glow and kindness,
It may even trigger another’s thirst.

This power is incalculable,
Awakened it sustains the living
With fervor and zest,
Dormant it silently patiently awaits
With no agenda of its own.

Your temperature setting
Is a choice of your own..
How is your ‘pot’?
Cold, tepid or blazing hot!!

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