“Mirror mirror
On the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all…’

In the gentle trickle
Of a near dry stream,
The placid presence
Of the lotus within a murky abode

In the reflected elegance
Of the back staged moon,
The beaming presence
Of the glowing sun

Whether full force
And stage-front,
Or almost neglected
Along the sidelines

What I know
Is I am here,
Right now
And in this moment

Daring to look around
All are reflections
Of the omnipresent
And of me

Whatever the perception,
Wherever the appearance,
Both choice and acceptance
The unlocking keys

Unlock to your vision
Release your wisdom
Merge with the oneness
You know is real

Some mirrors are of glass
Some of smoke,
The ones that matter
Reflect to you your true self!

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