Divine Prayer

With each beat of your heart
Feel the swell
Let your eyes smart
And fill the well

The pound of gratitude
Can be soundless
As the torrent of tears
Can be boundless

Your heart maybe buried
Covered and cosseted
But your eyes will shine
The divine sublime

A prayer from the heart
So thankful and tender
Even with closed eyes
The message could not be clearer


Photo: Marta Voodica Closek

7 thoughts on “Divine Prayer

  1. God is very shy.
    A lifetime can pass
    With ignoring the
    Ultimate life force.
    But the kindness,
    Consideration and love
    Given completely
    For every living moment.

    This space
    Behind the facade
    Of man and woman,
    With all the forces pulling
    From feelings
    To thoughts,
    From imagination
    To reality.
    From ignorance
    To knowing.
    From forgetting,
    To remembering.

    Allowing a being
    To dig.
    To dig deep within
    To dig and unearth
    The most amazing treasure.

    A meeting so personal
    With your very creator.

    If the most basic definition
    Of heaven is where God is,
    And that power exists everywhere,

    Then isn’t it obvious
    The residence
    The dwelling
    The ultimate architect
    Made the most amazing
    Cathedral within
    The framework of each and every
    Living being.

    What kindness!
    What love!
    What care!

    To have been given a mirror
    To pierce the veil
    To acknowledge
    The Divine
    Residing inside.


    No limits.

    When such a bond

    Tears of gratitude
    For being reunited
    To the God beyond words.

    Atul Ranchod

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