Bloom from Love


Gloriously my heart opens
What can I possibly fear

You shine your love
So direct and radiantly

Through the many miles
Scaling the galaxy

Tireless, relentless
Never to be absent

Whether a ray or blast
With clouds attempting to overcast

How could I not
Be ready to receive

Each day I bloom
My core coming through

In all my glory
It is you I have come to know

You teach to be constant
Stray not from the focus

Each day making the effort
Is so part of the play

My beauty is the reflection
The peace, the love
You shine my way

3 thoughts on “Bloom from Love

  1. Hi Taruna. The flower the symbol for many emotions! Thank you for liking my poems “Gathered! Exist! Christmas Night! For your comment on (Christmas Night!) and “kindness A simple Word! Many thanks for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Writing is a passion that keeps me sand and alive! Very interested in all things Paranormal! UFO’s! Conspiracy theories! Observing this crazy violent and unstable society! Great to meet you TheFoureyedPoet.

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