The pot overflows


When the pot is full
It overflows
Whatever it holds
Spills all over

I too am a vessel
Sometimes enchanting
Like crystal and china
Sometime dense
Like cast iron and granite
Yet always incredible by mere design

My five senses
Serving me the contents
Filling, filling
Yet somehow
Always remaining half empty

It’s take the Master craftsman
To stir and shape
Just so precisely and smoothly
As the secrets lays
Deep, deep within my moulding

With love and care
The brew begins
With a little awakening
The pot starts simmering

The essence of love
From the depth of my being
Begins to bubble
Begins to surface

The aura permeates
The lure entrancing
Ingredients of life
Begin to come alive

What was once
Just a flower
A star
A lapping wave
All now connect
As my heart is awake

Humbleness to kindness
Smooths out the creases
Love and peace
Brings out the timeless

When true love is found
From inside out
The resounding beauty
Is of no doubt

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