Ironically coined is ‘mind-ful-ness’

As we know only too well

How to continuously over think

And invariably this leads to confusion


And ultimately is limiting, crippling

Perhaps we need to be

More of ‘heart-ful-ness’

And less of mind

Heartfulness brings 

Fruition to feelings 

Of empathy, friendship, trust

Naturally bringing forth

Kindness, love, compassion

Unity and oneness

Which then allows a joyful contentment

A happy gratefulness

An ultimate peacefulness

Such a short distance

From heart to mind

Yet at times they seem as if a million miles apart

Sometimes we even confuse

One for the other

Do you know the difference in their voices?

One will say you must do this or that

The other will say nothing

Letting you feel your way there

Perhaps there are no right or wrongs

But be assured

When you listen to your heart

The answers will be waiting

And your peace and sanity

Have the chance to be restored

14 thoughts on “….fulness….

  1. Taruna, from my heart to your heart… you have moved in position…so one thinks in their heart so shall they be! It is the roots of the heart that invade the spaces of the mind! Thank you, cause whenever I see you have posted it has been so meaningful! Clearly I appreciate your heart and your gift

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  2. The term mindfulness, whatever it meant originally, has been co-opted and over-used. But if one is mindful of one’s mind, then one can learn to be quiet enough to feel what the heart tells us.

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    1. Sometimes we think we need to protect the heart from being broken or being taken advantage of but the heart has the greatest of strengths… love… so yes agreed it is the mind that makes and has the fences…


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