To be so awkward
Yet accepted as graceful,
Lessons of the giraffe.

To flutter inattentive
Yet accepted as a delicate beauty,
Lessons of the butterfly.

To create incessant noise
Yet accepted as the warning buzz,
Lessons of the bumblebee.

To thunderously roar
Yet accepted as commanding,
Lessons of the lion.

Do you know how to accept your weakness
Focus on your strength
Turn your quirkiness into an attribute?

Put down the yardstick
Measure no more,
Uniqueness cannot be compared.

Seek your true features
See your real image
Be the student of your self.

Two Hearts in One Frame

two hearts

Mechanically supreme
Guarded by boney bars
Cushioned by spongy sacs
Sits the organ of the heart

Vessels entwining
Chambers pumping
Valves snapping
Fluid flowing
All operations

Ghost or twin
Yet Another heart
Lays deeper still
So deep
For some it’s never found

It yearns a cry
To be acknowledged its there
Wanting a freedom
To dance and praise
Revealing its secret
To love unconditionally
The very one it inhabits

It is true
We were granted
Two hearts
In one frame

Do you know them both
Have you befriended them equally

You cannot live without
The other
You have not lived until you have found

Find your heart
Dig out of its cage
Wear on your sleeve
And shine like a star

As love
Will then surely illuminate
And darkness
But shrink away!