Pot of Gold

pot of gold

In the most fragile of vessels
Made of the most prolific compounds
Constructed of ingenious design
Desired by its inhabitant until the day of demise…
Is Gold!

This vessel is your immediate location
Outer shell pierce-able by as little as a pin prick
Yet strong enough it withstands all the woes of its lifespan…

This vessel is your means of transportation
Yet no wheels, no wings
And without motion takes you around the globe and back in seconds…

So much is possible in this vessel
So much is attributed to this ‘pot’
Yet comes a time when it will not glow
It will not wonder
It will not move…

Because without the ‘Gold’
The pot is empty
The pot decays
The pot is dirt!

Amidst the work of the Gold
All attention is paid to the pot
The pot is acknowledged
The pot is revered
The Gold is unknown….
For many the search for Gold is the goal
The search is started, interrupted, elusive
Returning to praising and adoring the pot!!

Focused and steadfast
Still and present
Know your Gold!!
As so long as you have your ‘pot’
So too do you have your ‘Gold’.

3 thoughts on “Pot of Gold

  1. Very beautifully articulated.
    You must have touched upon your own “gold.”
    Inspiring indeed to claim the gold within. Awesome!


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