Soul mate?

Dancing with life
A song is played
It attracts
It calls
A warmth is felt
Perhaps contentment
Closing my eyes
I’m overwhelmed

I know
I feel
The well within
Digging for the spring
The release has begun

Now I know
Such beauty
Such clarity
With letting go
Brings more of the unimaginable

No question
The gift
Always there
Layer by layer
Depth unending

My lover
My mate
My soul mate
All within

6 thoughts on “Lover?

      1. My poetry is about loving the power of life and the forces granting life..
        My personal relationships, including to my spouse are not something I write about to post..
        I will enjoy your poetry as you write, but need not write to me personally… thank you


      2. hello, taruna! don’t worry, this is just a one time thing!
        oh taruna how beautiful, do you seem to be? for oh i’d look into your eyes so dreamy only to fall in love with the fragrance of your smell, that you’d make me gaze at, and oh my love, how beautiful was it all? just the way it is!

        take care of yourself!

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