Soul mate?

Dancing with life
A song is played
It attracts
It calls
A warmth is felt
Perhaps contentment
Closing my eyes
I’m overwhelmed

I know
I feel
The well within
Digging for the spring
The release has begun

Now I know
Such beauty
Such clarity
With letting go
Brings more of the unimaginable

No question
The gift
Always there
Layer by layer
Depth unending

My lover
My mate
My soul mate
All within



Gently reaching upwards
Driven by the deepest thirst
Reveling in the nurturing rays

Silken petals drape
Curl and seductively pout
She knows she is a lure!

Every entranced glance
Every gentle stroke
Serves to excel her beauty

Mesmerized by her own fragrance
Kindly bestowed from within
She recognizes her gift

Preoccupied she seems
Envied by the loveless
Yet magnanimous she loves

Why oh why!
Does she tempt you so
Day and night, night and day

For she knows nothing else
Than love is all
For onlooker and herself both.

Be the rose, be the weed
The inner fragrance of love
Is the same for all

Dig past the facades
Gleam through all the layers
For you too, are your very own rose!



Dew drops
Pearl drops
Tear drops

From the eyes of the skies
From the eyes of the seas
From the eyes of your heart

Dew drops
Morning moisture
Caught and seated to quench

Pearl drops
Sand grains
Captured and moulded to beautify

Tear drops
Tender emotions
Released and trickle to express

Drop by drop
A little humility
A little understanding
A little gratitude

Acknowledge these drops
And watch in wonder
Your very own
Your very own
Your very own
As all come to life..


Sun shines light of day

Moon reflects light of night

Love brings light of life.

Warms and nurtures growth.


Transparent yet illuminates the way.


Powerful and vanquishes darkness.
Such are the faces of light

All in plain

And obvious sight.

Yet so easily forgotten

In all our fright.
Takes but a moment

To glance up into the sky

Day or night.
Takes just one breath

To be present and feel

The power of love within.
This little lamp

Your light within

Burns from your start

To your very end.
It is your nearest friend

Your dearest companion

Ultimate confidant

Most protective warrior.
Such is your lamp

With just a little attention

Will light all your days

And even your nights.