She II


Embodiment of woman
Quietly she does not come.
Announced by her presence
As delivered by Mother Nature.
Curvaceously bold
Cool, calm the exterior,
Awaiting the unleashing
Of her beholden fire.
Lips do not to part
As her words never matter.
She speaks with a rhythm
Even nature can only but listen.
Gently she commands
Entwining her partner,
Inseparable, indistinguishable
One made for the other.
Allowing the forum
Her energy comes forth.
Her softness, her pains
Her fury, her surrender.
Each woman her own.
Yet mirror you do
That ‘she’ spirit of ours,
Dear sister of mine.

10 thoughts on “She II

  1. As you uniquely depict the spirit that exist in you like she, but a mirror…even if other women don’t claim such… This poem reveals you know your worth though there is pain, struggles…there is healing and there is victory… really enjoyed

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    1. Thank you… out journey of discovery is ongoing … a couple of posts earlier I did ‘She 1’, it’s entitled ‘She’… you may enjoy that too.
      Thank you for your comment.. most valued.

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