Birds Eye Privilege


From Wright to Ron
Discoveries to adventures
The two legged man
Makes his way to flight

With science and courage
Precision to check marks
Buckles and headphones
We were set to go

Engines splutter to roll
Thrill engaged
Moving forward
Seamlessly to flight

Ascending the rise
City sights pass by
Then Central Valley food carpet
Spreads and sprawls wide

Ranges, aqueducts
Mineral pools and more
“Rita” gives life
To my very own birds eye

Sheets of cloud
Ominous at first
Like Bermuda Triangle
Stories and tales!

Control tower guides
Securing the passage
Skirting the dangers
The pilot’s my hero

If first flight
Was not thrill enough
On return, sunset to dusk
Entrance me again

Partnering the sky
Traveling side by side
The horizon waves good-bye
To the passing of my day

Hues of pink scattered in blue
Then creamed orange to zestful blaze
With last moments left
Golden yellow takes stage

Majestic rise to bow
From both the sun and my heart
For here heaven meets earth
With the breath and blessing of God

Thanks to Ron,
And Rita, his bird
And to Laurie,
For friendship, fun
And so much more!

Eighteen Today


No mother could be prouder
Of the infant to child
The teenager to adult
That you have become

With obvious insecurities
To seasoned confidences
From fears and trepidations
To successes and conquests

With molding and shaping
Your character blooming
Showing love and kindness
To joy and gratitude

Always respectful
Quietly inquisitive
Always striving
Wanting knowing of more

For simply just who you are
I hope you’ll carry
My love always close
To nurture and comfort

For no matter the year
No matter the decade
You’ll always be mine
And I’ll always yours

Life Matters



Ferocious and fun loving

Whimsical and free living

Compassionate and full of giving

All so distinct
And then,
By the Magician’s wand
All rolled into one, the human being!

What a jewel in this earthly crown!
Yet does he even know
How he stands out?!

By incredible design
A behavioral machine,
Reacting to stimuli
With unending zest.

Fascinated by the senses
With everything he sees
He hears
And touches!

Yet, not only is he the jewel in the crown
He is also a crown within the jewel!

Through every  cell
Every muscle
Every organ
And laid deep within
Are gems…

When uncovered
This vegetative
Animalistic human
Comes alive!

Alive! With a truth
That surpasses any sensory stimulation
That puts to shame the conquests of conquerors!

Because this journey
Can only be made alone
This journey
Makes you yield all your weapons
This journey
Is the making of mankind

When love, understanding, gratitude surface
Humility is second nature
The next person as deserving as you
Compassion for life and all that lives
Now matters.

Life matters!